доц. Румен Драганов Doc. Roumen Draganov – Chair of the NTB Supervisory Board
Source and photo: Bloomberg TV Bulgaria

Doc. Roumen Draganov: The Ministry of Tourism must face up to its ownership of the tourist attractions

“The upcoming conference, organised by the National Tourism Board, is one of the biggest and most significant tourism-related events in Bulgaria,” Doc. Roumen Draganov – Chair of the NTB Supervisory Board, said on the Investbook show, hosted by Dimiter Vouchev on Bloomberg TV Bulgaria.

The Fourth Congress of the National Tourism Board is coming soon. The first day, the “congress part”, will feature six panel discussions, with the main focus of attention on the development of the municipalities. The first panel discussion will be about Sofia as the fastest-growing tourist destination.

“The first day will cover the reform in tourism, especially the areas it is expected to impact during the Government’s current mandate. For the second day we have a strong programme, featuring prominent representatives of the hospitality industry in Europe who will tell us all about the growth rates of the leading tourism products worldwide,” Doc. Draganov explained.

In the words of Roumen Draganov, special attention will be given to the Tourism Act throughout the event.