конференция в Европейския парламент на 27 септември 2017 г. high-level conference in the European Parliament 27 September 2017
Source and photo: European Parliament

Antonio Tajani: Tourism is the answer to youth unemployment

A high-level conference on opportunities and challenges in the tourism sector was held in the European Parliament in Brussels on 27 September 2017.

European Parliament President Antonio Tajani, who initiated the event, said: “Tourism is the answer to youth unemployment in many European regions. It’s a key vector for growth and employment, accounting for 10% of our GDP and promising 5 million new jobs over the next decade. We can do much more if we work together. If we want Europe to remain the world’s top destination, we need to support the industry’s competitiveness through bolder coordinated action at European level.”

EU countries are among the world’s most popular tourism destinations. As the third-largest economic activity in the EU, tourism is of considerable importance as a source of economic growth, regional development and employment.

However, the sector faces challenges such as reducing its impact on the environment, attracting investment, keeping pace with the digital revolution, coping with growing competition from destinations outside the EU and improving the quality of tourism jobs.