Витоша Парк Хотел Vitosha Park Hotel
Photo: Vitosha Park HotelSource: NTB

The National Tourism Board Association Welcomed a New Member

At a meeting on 27 June 2017, the Managing Board of the National Tourism Board Association was joined by a new member – Mr. Miroslav Pechev, representing Mirad OOD.

In the last few years Mirad OOD has been investing in real estate, and its portfolio includes Vitosha Park Hotel **** and Grand Hotel Bulgaria.

The membership application was presented by Mr. Borislav Avramov, General Manager of Vitosha Park Hotel. In accordance with procedure, the application was endorsed by Mr. Kaloyan Nikolov, representing VG AD, and Mr. Kalin Peshov, Chair of the Managing Board of GBS Tours EAD. The membership was unanimously approved by the members of the NTB Managing Board.