пресконференция на НБТ Mrs. Polly Karastoyanova (left), Mr. Krassimir Gergov, Mr. Martin Zahariev and Doc. Roumen Draganov
Source and photo: NBT

Martin Zahariev: Bulgaria lacks a strategy for attracting high-paying tourists from China

Bulgaria misses out on revenue from Chinese tourists, said Martin Zahariev, Managing Director of the National Tourism Board (NTB) at an NTB press conference on 31 May 2017. He went on to point out that our country ranks second to last on Chinese investments and lacks a strategy for attracting high-paying tourists from China.

“The absence of the Bulgarian President and Prime Minister from the world meeting two weeks ago was a fatal mistake for Bulgaria. China has set aside 200 billion for the 16+1 format, and in terms of relations with this vast country Bulgaria is 15th out of 16 countries. Why don’t we have a direct flight Beijing-Sofia, Shanghai-Sofia? This is a prime instrument for bringing tourists, why do Chinese tourists have to wait 2 weeks for their visas when the Serbians don’t require them any more. Have you seen a single Chinese language brochure from the Ministry of Tourism? So, how do we go about inviting these people?”, Zahariev added.

Attracting tourists from China will be among the topics to be discussed at the Fourth Congress of the National Tourism Board next week.

The NTB Congress will open on 7 June 2017.