Каварна Kavarna
Photo: Juliana NikolovaSource: Ministry of Tourism of Bulgaria

Ten advertising videos will promote the Bulgarian EDEN destinations

Ten videos will promote the Bulgarian EDEN destinations.

The videos were made with European funding under the project “Communication campaign to promote the EDEN destinations in Bulgaria – second edition” implemented by the Ministry of Tourism as a beneficiary under Programme COSME 2014-2020. EDEN is an acronym for European Destinations of ExcelleNce (best European destinations) and is an initiative that promotes the models of sustainable development of tourism on the territory of the entire European Union.

The short promotional videos are of duration of up to one minute and a half and there is one video for each EDEN destination: Lukovit, Vratsa, Kavarna, Kazanlak, Kurdzhali, Kyustendil, Sapareva banya, Strandzha Natural Park and Sandanski. A joint image video of around 3-minute duration has also been made to present all 12 destinations included in the project. The videos are created in a way to present the destinations for both Bulgarian and foreign tourists. They include some of the most interesting events and tourist sites on their territory.

The videos will be shown in the forthcoming international tourist exhibitions, in which Bulgaria will participate in 2017. The online space will also be used, so the videos may be used in future advertising campaigns and also by the destinations for the purposes of the regional marketing. The materials are issued on 2,000 DVDs in Bulgarian and English language version. They will be disseminated at tourist exchanges, forums and events, in which Bulgaria takes place.

The videos are prepared by Studio Blend OOD after a procedure conducted according to the Public Procurement Act in the period June – July 2016. The value of each video in a Bulgarian-English version is 3,300 BGN without VAT, which amount includes the manufacture and supply of the DVD media. All rights belong to the Ministry of Tourism.

Project “Communication campaign to promote Bulgarian EDEN destinations – Second Edition” is in the value of nearly 70 thousand Euro and is financed under COSME Programme for the Competitiveness of Enterprises and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises of the European Commission running from 2014 – 2020. Its duration is 18 months, the overall objective is to promote Bulgarian EDEN destinations to national and selected foreign tourist markets and to increase the awareness and understanding of the EDEN initiative and of the principles of sustainable development. Among them are Silistra, Lukovit, Sandanski, Kyustendil, Belogradchik, Belitsa, Sapareva Banya, Kavarna, Vratsa, Strandzha, Kazanlak and Kardzhali. The project aims to build on and further develop a project on the same subject implemented in the period 2011 – 2012.